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Our gift to you

Get 250 Gold, 5 Gems, 25 Stars and the classic games theme set (Chess, Poker, Sudoku) just for signing up.

More gifts ahead

Get another 1000 Gold, 25 Gems, 50 Stars and the pets theme set (Dogs Cats 8 bit kitties) if you invite just one friend.

3 friends?

You also get the the Dimensions theme set, including the Zombie Aristocracy, Into the Wonderland & Area 1851 themes.

+ 2000 coins, 50 gems & 100 stars.

5 friends?

You also get the the Magical Creatures theme set, including the BAU (BadAss Unicorns), Dragons & Unicorn Ice Cream themes.

+ 5000 coins, 100 gems & 200 stars.

8 friends?

1 year free membership in the World Latice League!